Make It With idleWilde!

Since 2013 idleWilde Printing Company has made it easy to order custom merchandise for brands and businesses with our simple online approval process and by paying close attention to detail and quality.  Our talented apparel designers view every project as an opportunity to create custom merchandise that is a reflection of each individual brand.  We create apparel that will be worn and promoted for years by sourcing premium blank products and using the best equipment available to decorate and customize a wide range of products.

How It Started

idleWilde Printing Company was founded in 2013 as a solution for touring bands seeking custom t-shirts and has since evolved into a custom merchandise provider serving a variety of industries in the Northeast and beyond.

As a touring musician Connor Millican realized the demand for locally sourced custom merchandise while playing shows across the U.S. When it came to looking for a local shop to order t-shirts from, the process was complicated and time consuming. With very few reliable local options, Connor set out to learn the process of screen printing t-shirts and set up a DIY printing shop in his band practice studio. Through trial and error the first batch of t-shirts was created and the word spread throughout the music community. Since 2013 idleWilde has grown to support thousands of businesses and brands by providing custom merchandise solutions.

Connor with Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin